Mass Tort Marketing and Mass Tort Lawyer Marketing:
Case Studies

Maximizing Mass Tort Marketing for Product Liability and Personal Injury Case Acquisition

What is mass tort marketing? It is a process that employs traditional or digital advertising to pinpoint claimants injured by a consumer product, medical device, medication, or toxic substance. Effective mass tort lawyer marketing combined with skilled legal intake services can generate qualified claimants that substantially fuel the growth of product liability law firms.

Partnering with a specialized mass tort marketing firm with a trained legal intake center can significantly enhance your efficiency regarding contract acquisition.

The following is a case study showcasing a typical outcome achieved by our mass tort lawyer marketing and intake center that is based upon an order from a prestigious law firm related to MDL 3014 In Re: Philips Recalled CPAP, Bi-Level Pap, and Mechanical Ventilator Products Litigation.

A person sleeping with a sleep apnea CPAP machine, a potential legal case for mass tort intake.
The mass tort intake process involves a specialized type of personal injury intake.

Mass tort marketing designed to build highly qualified cases.
Here are the highlights generated from our mass tort call center:

  1. Over 5% of Order Size Delivered: Yes, you read that correctly. Our mass tort marketing intake service delivered over 5% of the order size, demonstrating our commitment to meeting and surpassing expectations. You likely won’t find another legal intake center push for better results.
  2. 65% Provided Evidence of Recalled Device: An impressive 65% of claimants provided either the confirmation number from Philips Respironics, an image of the device (front and back) with serial number, or the actual serial number. This type of direct evidence was obtained to confirm the person used a recalled device. This is what building strong cases is all about. 
  3. 35% Provided Registered Confirmation Number: An impressive 35% of claimants provided the confirmation number from the manufacturer showing their device was recalled. What’s more impressive is that some of the devices were registered by our own intake specialists. This level of engagement showcases the extra time our mass tort marketing and intake process takes to qualify claimants. Additionally, this takes the burden your paralegals, which also improves your law firm’s efficiency.
  4. 30% Provided Device Documentation: Our team’s tenacity shined here, as a significant 30% of claimants provided a photo of their recalled device with the serial number. They say the harder you work, the luckier you get. Our mass tort marketing and intake specialists are proud of their dedication to generating high-quality intakes with solid documentation.
  5. 60% Provided Device’s Serial Number: Our dedication to detail and professionalism paid off handsomely, as 60% of claimants provided the device’s serial number. Obtaining physical evidence establishes the connection between the claimant and the recalled device. And it speaks volumes about the confidence and rapport our mass tort marketing and intake professionals build with them. Obtaining trust and credibility sets the stage for a strong attorney-client relationship and greatly helps ensure high contact rates from your law firm.
  6. 55% Provided Government Issued Identification: Our clients’ trust in us extends to sharing their personal identification details. A solid 55% of claimants provided a government-issued ID, streamlining the verification process and ensuring the accuracy of claimant information. We typically get closer to 60-70%. This is another demonstration of the trust and credibility we obtain.
  7. 35% Provided Medical Documentation: Often, claimants are prescribed medications to treat a qualified ailment. Here, 35% of claimants provided a photo of the medicine bottle with their name, pharmacy, and prescribing doctor for the medication used to treat the qualified ailment. This documentation strengthens the claimant’s case and provides valuable evidence. Further, it is a testament to the confidence we gain that is based upon the empathy and compassion we show claimants. Again, our mass tort marketing and intake service sets the stage for better relationships with the claimant and law firm.
  8. 37.5% Cancer Cases: Among the qualified claimants, 37.5% were diagnosed with cancer, highlighting the severity and significance of the cases handled. Even though the recall was nearly two years old, we were able to adjust our marketing to generate double the number of cancer claimants compared to previous campaigns, which may put settlements in the top tier. Although it is an unfortunate situation for claimants to experience such devastating news, the result is the law firm is positioned to generate a higher settlement amount per intake.
  9. Less Than 5% of Disqualified: Talk about efficiency and the best use of your time, money, and resources: less than 5% of our mass tort intakes for this order were disqualified. Our legal intake center is known for generating high contact rates with accurate, complete, and comprehensive data from prospective claimants. The low percentage of disqualifications gives more insight into why the feedback from other clients is that our mass tort marketing and intakes end up with more cases filed on an intake-to-intake basis compared to other clients.

How Exceptional Mass Tort Lawyer Marketing Can Fuel Growth

The mass tort lawyer marketing and intake case study presented above demonstrates the exceptional results we achieved by handling legal intakes for recalled Philips Respironics CPAP and BiPAP machines. By leveraging our expertise and tailored intake process, your law firm can maximize the number of qualified claimants and increase the likelihood of successful filed cases.

The Power of a Specialized Mass Tort Marketing Intake Center

Improved Client Experience

A mass tort marketing and personal injury intake center can provide claimants with a positive experience when contacting your law firm. Prompt responses, connecting callers with experienced intake specialists, and offering reassurance and support throughout the intake process can significantly enhance client satisfaction and improve your law firm's brand reputation. We are the first person claimants speak with and we understand the impression we make is important.

Cost Control

Managing a mass tort case can be expensive, especially when dealing with a large number of claimants. By utilizing our mass tort marketing and intake for contract acquisition, your law firm can effectively manage costs and do what it does best: win cases. The service efficiently generates qualified claimants with accurate, complete, and comprehensive intakes with supporting documents, which increases the efficiency of your staff and resources. Want to fuel your growth? Contact us for more information on our mass tort marketing and intake process.

Maximizing Qualified Claimants

As specialized mass tort marketing and intake specialists, we are experienced in product liability cases and have the expertise to identify and qualify prospective claimants accurately. This ensures that your law firm receives a higher percentage of qualified claimants, increasing the likelihood of successfully filed cases. Try our mass tort lawyer marketing and intake services today and learn how we can accelerate your law firm's growth.

Mass Tort Lawyer Marketing Can Accelerate Your Law Firm's Growth

Take the next step in maximizing your contract acquisition by partnering with our trusted and experienced mass tort lawyer marketing service and intake. The successful growth of your law firm starts with targeted mass tort lawyer marketing combined with experienced legal intake.