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At the Advocate Rights Center, we use cutting-edge technologies and proprietary intake system to delivery high quality intakes and retainers. This combined with our lawyer-trained agents helps elevate your experience and maximize the efficiency of our mass tort intake services. Imagine working with a company that provides mass tort intake services that ensures a standardized yet thorough process for each potential claimant. Advocate Rights Center's meticulous intake process delivers just that.

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Mass Tort Intake Services That Set Us Apart

Our mass tort intake services are based upon years of first-hand experience working at a well-known and highly accomplished personal injury and products liability law firm.

mass tort intake services

Below are some of the elements of our mass tort intake services that set us apart:

Scripted Questions:

Our mass tort intake services follow a predefined script crafted to extract essential information crucial to evaluating potential claims. From details about alleged harm to medical history and product usage, and fettering out claimants who’ve signed with other firms, our scripted questions cover it all.

Qualification Criteria:

We follow customized criteria to determine if potential claimants qualify for mass tort lawsuits. Factors such as specific health complication, frequency of product usage, magnitude of exposure, and statute of limitation timeframes are carefully considered.

Data Collection and Management:

Our systematic data collection and management ensure accurate and comprehensive information is obtained. Specialized software and databases are employed to organize and track relevant data points.

Training and Quality Control:

Our agents are trained to follow the proprietary intake process consistently and efficiently. Quality control measures are in place to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information collected during every intake call.

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Look no further than Advocate Rights Center. Let us be your source for the most accurate, complete, and comprehensive intakes that turn into cases.

Mass Tort Intake Services: Identity Verification

Here's where it gets even more exciting. Advocate Rights Center’s mass tort intake services include pursuing identity verification to fortify our process:

Selfie Identity Verification:

We use a solution aimed at ensuring the person presenting their government issued identification matches the individual with a live photo or video selfie.

Government ID Verification:

Capture, store, and verify data on a physical government ID, comparing it to secure databases for authenticity and validity.


Streamlined processes eliminate the need for physical checks, saving time and effort.


Advanced technology ensures precise data capture, reducing errors.


Biometric features, such as facial recognition, provide an extra layer to prevent identity theft or fraud.

mass tort intake services identity verification

Ready to transform your mass tort intake process?

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Use our experienced mass tort intake services and experience the convenience, accuracy, and security.

We employ proprietary processes enhanced by contemporary, cutting-edge identity verification solutions.

Make every claim count with precision and security!

Mass Tort Intake Services: Competitively Priced Contract Acquisition

In the competitive world of mass tort intake services and contract acquisition, law firms are seeking comprehensive solutions that streamlines the process of securing signatures efficiently.

And we also goes the extra mile to ensure compliance while educating clients.

It is crucial for law firms to have a tool that simplifies the signing process and provides additional features to ensure legal requirements are met and clients are well-informed.

At Advocate Rights Center, our mass tort intake services provide a comprehensive and hassle-free contract acquisition process.

quality mass tort intake services

Below are some of the elements of our mass tort intake services that set us apart:

Online Signatures with Time & Date Stamps:

We provide a seamless online signature process, ensuring the authenticity of each signature with time and date stamps.

Flexible Signature Options:

Whether it's online signatures or traditional wet signatures, our service accommodates various preferences to suit your clients.

Compliance with FCC One-to-One Consumer Consent:

We stay ahead of regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with the latest FCC one-to-one consumer consent regulations for your law firm.

Educational Approach:

We go beyond a mere signature by educating the claimant on your law firm. We provide law firm details, including phone numbers and web links, making the client fully aware of their legal representation.

If your law firm is considering top notch mass tort intakes services, look no further.

We have experienced legal intake agents that receive daily training on how to generate the most accurate, complete, and comprehensive intakes.

Contact Advocate Rights Center today for a competitive quote and upgrade your mass tort intake services today!

Effective Mass Tort Intake Services for Client Acquisition

Choose our mass tort intake services for a hassle-free and effective approach to client acquisition, which also includes:

Communication Excellence:

We utilize emails and texts to keep clients informed, ensuring they have all the necessary details about your law firm.

Tailored Documentation:

Recognizing the differences between self-representation and On Behalf Of representation, we can send separate documents customized to each situation.

Efficiency and Convenience:

No more struggles to convince clients they've signed with you. Our streamlined process and educational approach make contract acquisition efficient and client friendly.

By utilizing Advocate Rights Center’s mass tort intake services, you benefit from the best-in-class practices. We not only secure signatures but also pursue regulatory compliance, client education, and a hassle-free experience.

Make the smart choice for your law firm and choose an experienced source for your mass tort intake services.

Then witness a seamless and efficient contract acquisition process that sets you apart in the legal landscape. Call Advocate Right Center today!

Mass Tort Intake Call Center: Why Precision Matters

mass tort intake call center

When dealing with product liability and personal injury claims, an experienced intake center that provides exceptional mass tort intake services is paramount to your success.

Law firms require skilled legal intake agents they can trust to accurately and competently qualify class-action and personal injury claimants. The challenge lies in finding a solution that efficiently handles inbound calls, emails, follow-ups, and data entry, improving the experience clients respond to, which ensures proper expectations and a higher retention rate.

At Advocate Rights Center, our mass tort intake services understands the urgency and trust injured claimants seek when considering legal representation. We empathize with the need for a practiced process that instills confidence and comfort, and also prevents clients from exploring other options.

When these factors are not in place, there is a cost. When a mass tort intake services fail to address the urgent and tailored needs of claimants, including displaying empathy, conveying the generalities of the legal process, and managing expectations, it could lead to increased client shopping, missed opportunities, and a potential decrease in retention rates.

Overall, the cost of missed opportunities generates inefficiencies and lost clients.

If your product liability and personal injury law firm is interested in a competitive quote for mass tort intake services, contact us today!

mass tort intake services skilled legal intake agents

Our Mass Tort Intake Services Employ Experienced and Skilled Legal Intake Agents

Unified Process:

We efficiently handle inbound calls, emails, follow-ups, and data entry in a single, seamless process, which reduces client shopping while increasing the retention rate.

Custom Training:

Our mass tort intake services offer skilled agents. Specifically, our legal intake professionals undergo daily training daily to stay informed of updated legal events related to many of the most common mass torts. This also allows for quicker alignment with your law firm's specifications. And, it ensures callers have the confidence to move forward with your law firm with proper expectations.

First Contact Efficiency:

Whether through phone, text, or chat, Advocate Rights Center’s mass tort intake services can educate and get electronic signatures on legal documents from claimants in a single conversation, closing leads during the initial contact.

Efficient Handling:

An integrated process that ensures calls are managed urgently and professionally.

Confident Clients:

Callers have the confidence of speaking with professionals trained to the law firm's specifications.

Increased ROI:

Thanks to our competitively priced mass tort intake services, law firms can concentrate on casework. And we can focus on providing highly qualified prospective claimants. Letting our mass tort intake services do the work prevents claimants from seeking representation elsewhere.

We are the solution!

Advocate Rights Center’s mass tort intake services offers a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your law firm's precise needs.

In short, by partnering with Advocate Rights Center for your mass tort intake services, your law firm can increase the level of trust and confidence with our intakes and contract acquisition services. That allows more time for your staff to focus on what your firm does best, which is provide expert legal representation.

Ready to transform your mass tort intake services and enhance client satisfaction? Talk to us today and let Advocate Rights Center be your trusted mass tort intake services provider.

Experience a higher close rate and the assurance that your clients are well-taken care of from the very first contact! Contact us today!

Let Our Mass Tort Intake Service Fuel Your Law Firm's Growth

Running a law firm with pressing client issues requires reaching out to prospective claimants multiple times a day or week. That’s where our mass tort intake services prevail.

For certain cases, like auto accidents and mass torts claims, time to conversion is critical within the first 7-10 days. This helps avoid injured claimants from hiring another attorney.

The solution lies in efficiently working of legal inquiries without being intrusive, considering the various reasons prospects may not immediately respond. For example, often potential legal claimants submit their information during breaks, on mobile devices, or to gather information from multiple firms.

That means they may not have the time to be effectively qualified during the initial contact, making frequent and timely follow-ups crucial.

Our mass tort intake services can generate higher conversion rates by providing a comprehensive approach to follow-ups, ensuring that potential leads are reached through different platforms and messages.

Here are some statistics emphasizing the importance of why our mass tort intake services employs quick and consistent follow-up processes:

  • 81% of Conversions Occur After 7 or More Contacts: Most conversions happen after 6 contacts, but many salespeople stop reaching out after the first 1 or 2 contacts. Advocate Rights Center assists by providing various follow-up methods through an experienced legal intake center.
  • It Takes 6 Calls to Maximize Contact and Conversion Rates: Over 50% of people are not reachable after the first attempt, and half of leads across all verticals are not followed up beyond the first attempt. The sixth call attempt is typically required to maximize contact and conversion rates.
  • Study Suggests Leads Should Be Called Over 15-Day Call Frequency: A study based on 3.5 million leads suggested a best practices strategy for call timing. The first call is made within the first 60 seconds, and subsequent calls are strategically spaced, with the sixth call on day 15. This aligns with another study showing that six call attempts produce the highest efficiency.

At Advocate Rights Center, we acknowledge the urgency and competition in the legal field, as such, we follows the best practices for mass tort intake services derived from extensive studies.

Our mass tort intake services puts an emphasis on making the proper frequency of calls required to connect with potential claimants. And this contributes to the overall success of the follow-up process.

Ready to enhance your mass tort intake call services and maximize conversion rates?

Advocate Rights Center aligns with the best practices backed by studies, ensuring precision in reaching out to potential legal clients efficiently.
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