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We understand that mass tort law firms require skilled and experienced legal intake professionals to qualify claimants.

That's why our legal intake professionals use customized scripts and questions that are tailored to your law firm's criteria. According to our clients, our legal intake professionals provide high-quality, paralegal-friendly intakes that turn into more filed cases on an intake-to-intake basis compared to others. Eliminate the hassle of dealing with claimants who don’t meet the necessary qualifications by working with our well-trained team of legal intake professionals.

Legal intake professionals reviewing a mass tort case in an attorney call center.
The lady of justice, symbolizing the role of legal intake professionals in the legal system.

Legal Intake Professionals That Generate Cases

Fed up with intakes that are incomplete and inaccurate? We get it. We are proficient legal intake professionals who understand the costs associated with wasted time and resources that lead to lost opportunities.

That’s because our legal intake specialists are taught by a juris doctorate with personal injury and mass tort work product, as well as intake experience. And he ensures each agent receives comprehensive and rigorous training. They learn to ask the right questions and gather relevant, necessary, and detailed information. That ensures claimants meet the criteria for a viable case. Ultimately, our legal call center employs professionals who take pride in the brand they represent; we embody accuracy, completeness, and comprehensiveness as core principles. Break free from the intake process that hampers your progress and start working with legal intake professionals who will fuel your business.

Legal Intake Specialists That Fuel Your Business

Being injured by another party’s negligence is a traumatic experience that takes its toll physically, emotionally, and financially. And dealing with injured and hospitalized claimants can also be emotional. That is why our legal intake specialists understand the importance of empathy, communication techniques, and call control. They have experience explaining the legal process, setting proper expectations, and the importance of client availability from initial verification, to filing their case, to settlement. Level-up your law firm with our legal intake specialists and get cases you can build on from claimants who understand your commitment to obtaining justice.

Seasoned lawyers adeptly manage mass tort cases by using experienced legal intake specialists.
A judge with a gavel and scales of justice, symbolizing the role of legal intake specialists in the legal system.
Legal intake specialists assisting a client during a professional call
A legal intake specialist reviewing a mass tort case, a crucial step in the attorney call center process.

A Legal Call Center With Experienced Legal Intake Specialists

Compared to other call centers, we have lower turnover, which allows our legal intake professionals to capitalize on continued education and training in personal injury and mass tort claims . . . and the accuracy and detail required to succeed in these areas.

Our goal is to help you focus on what you do best, which is winning cases and maximizing the returns on your time, money, and resources. If you’re interested in paralegal-friendly intakes that are accurate and comprehensive, you’ve found the right source. Contact us today to learn more about how our legal intake specialists can help you generate more intakes that turn into cases!

The Force Behind Our Legal Intake Professionals

Our legal intake professionals are trained by the founder, Robert Wilson, who has a law degree and wrote his seminar paper on FDA and consumer fraud titled Profits vs. Lives: How Big Pharma’s Misleading and Fraudulent Marketing Leads to Mass Tort Claims.

Robert earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a triple major in marketing, business economics, and entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona.

His exposure to product liability began when he clerked for a prestigious personal injury and mass tort attorney who serves on five Plaintiff Leadership Committees and is co-lead counsel on two of those.

Skilled Legal Intake Specialists: Sample of Robert's Personal Injury and Mass Tort Work Product

  • Drafted plaintiff’s closing arguments, including one that helped obtain $1.75 million judgment. Honorable Judge Carlos Cortez, formerly of 44th District Court in Dallas, Texas, rated the argument as among the “Top Three Best Closing Arguments” heard during his approximate 9 years as a litigator and 8 years on bench. Maddox v. Inland Truck Parts Company, 2014 (co-counsel with Fears | Nachawati Law Firm).
  • Co-drafted Supplemental Motion in Opposition to prevent claw back and sealing of expert consultant’s report; Plaintiff prevailed. MDL #2570 regarding Defendant C.R. Bard.
  • Co-drafted Plaintiff’s Motion for New Trial. Peterson v. C.R. Bard, Inc.
  • Drafted Interrogatories and Requests for Production in medical malpractice case due to botched endometrial ablation. Hogan v. Kurina, MD.
  • Researched and briefed attorney (co-lead counsel for Cook MDL No. 2570) on Medical Monitoring Class Actions to determine feasibility of asserting claims for Canadian claimants. In re Cook Medical, Inc., IVC Filters Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2570 and In re Bard IVC Filters Product Liability, MDL No. 2641.
  • Drafted educational paper for hearing in front of Judicial Panel of Multidistrict Litigation (JPML). Objective was to be selected as co-lead counsel and centralize all federal cases against defective IVC filters developed and marketed by C.R. Bard.  In re Cook Medical, Inc., IVC Filters Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 2570 and In re Bard IVC Filters Product Liability, MDL No. 2641. Attorney was selected as co-lead counsel and claims were consolidated.
  • Drafted intake forms for alleged victims of IVC filter, Risperdal, and transvaginal mesh products.
  • Performed intake of prospective claimants for medical malpractice, personal injury, and mass torts claims.